What we do

Research since 2006 on cosmetic, industrial and medicinal products, made out of vegetable raw materials

Crop growth

As pioneers in organic growing of medicinal cannabis in Colombia, we have developed plant varieties resistant to plagues and diseases with optimal production efficiency. In this process we have we identified chemical compounds of high scientific interest derived from different medicinal plants, and have also developed our own agronomic techniques.


All raw materials used in our products, are transformed legally in allied certified laboratories. Our transformation projects include the production of extracts, essential oils, using different kinds of vegetal and biologic residues, and the development of textiles, among others.

Licences / State regulation

Our legal team has provided essential guidance for all of our activities. During 2016, Cannalivio was the second company in Colombia to be granted a licence for production and transformation of cannabis derivatives. At present, we are expecting governmental progress in the definition and implementation of national state regulatory plans in charge of INVIMA, the national agency for the control of medicinal drugs and food.